We're excited to introduce ourselves.

Cybrix Group is a highly respected information systems company whose team of seasoned engineers and professionals focus on developing innovative technical solutions, building and managing global networks and providing end-to-end technical and logistics services. We value our customer relationships and treat our clients with integrity and respect. We accomplish our business mission in an environment that is creative, supportive, and that enables our employees to reach their full potential.

So, what does CYBRIX stand for?

CYBRIX is the symbiotic relationship between cyberspace and bricks and mortar!

Cybrix was conceptualized while our team of industry experts was designing the first stages of the world's most technologically advanced conferencing center, hotel and condominiums. With information being all digital and people communicating digitally today, we created a true "Smart Building" concept that integrated technology with conventional bricks and mortar, thus converging Cyberspace with bricks and mortar.

Incorporated in December 2002, our headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida. We are a Veteran Owned Small Business committed to excellence and our areas of expertise include:

Why We're Unique

You deserve the best support you can get—you deserve Cybrix Group. Our clients have learned to expect certain qualities in us and in our work—discipline, accountability, knowledge, integrity and innovation. These qualities matter very much to us and are important to the businesses we support. They are not just words. They are the foundation of everything we do. We stand by our word, our work and our ability to exceed your expectations.

Learn more about the principles that define who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

  • At Cybrix Group, the majority of our employees are past or current military as well as past or current intelligence personnel. This means our sense of duty, honor and commitment goes all the way down—we're all cut from the same cloth and demand a high level of professionalism from our team members.

    This continuity to our former highly-regimented lives is what enables us to do what we do best. Like a military exercise, information technology and data security has no room for error— no 'almosts' or 'practicallys' are acceptable. We strive to get it right, keep it right or make it right as quickly as possible.

  • We live by our reputations so our personal integrity is critical to us. But what kind of integrity is critical to you? Data integrity. Nothing less than the standard government level of data encryption is appropriate for your business.

    The policies and procedures that Cybrix Group follows for encryption, data security, data standards and design standards are compliant with federal and state regulations including HIPAA, HITECH and GLB. These are lessons we've already learned so that our clients don't have to—We know IT and we know regulations. We live these standards every day and have done so for decades.

  • We love what we do! There are days when we say to ourselves, 'How can this be our job?!'

    Our passion for technology is evident in our work. We strive to stay ahead of new trends and technologies so that we can provide the best support and advice possible to help your business meet its goals using the best available technology. We will only recommend solutions that are right for YOU because we are committed to meeting your needs—on time, on budget and in a scalable and sustainable environment. You can count on us—technology has always been our passion and our senior team has decades of experience. This is experience you can leverage to reach your goals.

  • We encourage a creative environment where all of our engineers and technicians are inspired to think outside of the box when it comes to diagnosing, solving problems and designing IT solutions. We think divergently. This means that instead of reinventing the better mousetrap, we think, 'Do we really need a mousetrap?' The better mousetrap mentality is one that promotes convergent thinking—but convergent thinking limits creativity. There are only so many ways a mousetrap can look or function.

    When we meet an obstacle, we don’t just stop and say, ‘Well, we’ve hit this brick wall; now we can’t go any further.’ We ask instead, ‘What is this wall made out of?’ ‘How tall is it or how far around does it go?' Then we plan to get around the obstacle using the best available technologies deployed in innovative ways. This is what makes Cybrix Group stand out as an accomplished IT service provider.

  • There is no higher standard than the standard to which we hold ourselves. If you make us responsible for your network, we’ll be accountable to you for its stability, efficiency and security. In our minds, we’re not just an extension of your team, functioning as your IT department; we are accountable to our very relationship because your trust and our reputation hinges upon our efforts in your behalf.

    We demand a reciprocal accountability, however. If you ask us to be your IT team by extension, you acknowledge our abilities and our commitment to stand by our work. This means you will support us by following the processes and procedures that we mutually agree to put in place.

Let's get started on something together. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.