The Cybrix Group is committed to giving back to our communities - both near and far.  We work with organizations that are driven to making a difference.


TAMCO Foundation


The Cybrix Group is proud to support and participate in the TAMCO Foundation's Annual Grand Slam Charity Fishing Tournament. The tournament raises money to enable the organization's mission of providing direct support to military veterans from Florida who have been severely wounded and disabled while serving our country.


Police Athletic League (PAL) of Tampa


The Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) is a registered non-profit 501c3 organization that is dedicated to providing affordable after school, summer and athletic opportunities to more than 500 Tampa Bay youth. P.A.L. has partnered with the Tampa Police Department to provide a safe, healthy environment for our community’s children and teens. P.A.L.’s partnership with the police department provides mentorship as well as safety and crime prevention programs. In addition, P.A.L. has joined with many other community organizations to provide athletic, educational and recreational development.


National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)


(NDIA) is America’s leading Defense Industry association promoting national security. NDIA is proud to provide a legal and ethical forum for the exchange of information between Industry and Government on National Security issues. Our members foster the development of the most innovative and superior equipment, training and support for our warfighters and first responders through our divisions, local chapters, affiliated associations and events.


Our Troops Online - Bob Williams of Tampa

troops2In an effort to show appreciation and support to our troops overseas, The Cybrix Group teamed with Mr. Bob Williams of Our Troops Online to supply troops with care packages. Cybrix initiated a donation point and motivated others to join us in donating items for packages. After the donations were collected, we took them to Bob Williams' warehouse in Wesley Chapel, Florida and prepared them for shipment overseas.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

phonesCybrix continues to team with Cell Phones for Soldiers to provide calling cards for our men and women in uniform stationed overseas. Cybrix generates the information flow about the cause and provides a donation point for old cell phones to be brought in. The donated cell phones are then sold to a refurbishing company and the money is used to purchase calling cards for our troops.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children was born in a time of tragedy. In 1979, six year old Etan Patz disappeared from a New York street corner on his way to school and was never seen again. Twenty-nine children were abducted and murdered in Atlanta, Georgia. And in 1981, six year old Adam Walsh was abducted from a Florida shopping mall and found brutally murdered. These tragic abductions were just a few among were others.


Loveland Center

Loveland Center helps adults with developmental disabilities "live their lives to the fullest." We believe that everyone, regardless of disability, has an inherent quality which can benefit society.