Data Security and Compliance Services

We can help you define requirements that are appropriate to your organization.

We start with a complete enterprise-wide system analysis that is designed to identify any current weaknesses or gaps in your security controls. After defining your organization’s security and privacy goals, we will help you develop, implement and manage your new data protection and privacy processes. These processes are designed to minimize your risk of data loss.

Our Data Security and Compliance Services include:

  • Wireless Audit – SSID identification, AP security, encryption verification, MAC spoofing and perimeter testing 
  • Vulnerability Scans — Port scanning, IP spoofing, ARIN auditing, Web server, email and FTP auditing
  • Penetration Tests — Platform exploits, scripting errors, buffer overflows, update neglect and patch degradation 
  • Device Management — Firewall/IOS configuration, change management and policy auditing/implementation 
  • Physical Penetration – Facilities audits location hardening, social engineering and dumpster diving 
  • Remediation – Complete resolution of all issues identified in our audits and testing
  • Training – Timely, pertinent instruction directly related to your companies infrastructure and specific responsibilities of key personnel

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