Past Engagements


Penetration testing environment

Cybrix developed an environment that can evaluate software and hardware from a security perspective. This environment evaluates any piece of software bit for bit to determine if there are any hidden programs, viruses or clandestine operations embedded within it. A hardware test and analysis station has also been configured to examine hardware much the same way.


PACE System

Our software technicians developed and wrote code for a web conversion administration module. This module allows the administrator to make entries to the database; add/edit/delete supported file types, file, extensions, conversion applications, and extension to application mappings. A software suite to test the conversion application was developed during this process. Cybrix wrote several migration scripts to bring various databases in sync with local machines.


Electronic Media Displays

EMDs were required to be located in target areas to broadcast audio and video messages and have the ability to receive product distribution updates via wired or wireless broadcast methods.  These displays had to be rugged to operate in all-weather outdoor environments on commercial or generator power. The Cybrix team documented the results detailing the technical performance, cost, and schedule that met the customer requirements. Cybrix provided supervisory oversight and direct engineering to build 2 prototypes EMDs that were sunlight readable at 25 feet, could broadcast audio and video messages and had the ability to receive product distribution updates via wired and wireless broadcast methods.  This effort required Cybrix to provide the technical expertise in media wall capabilities, write and execute test plans, and deliver a System/Subsystem Design Description document.